Marian's Homestay

Abbotsford (The Laurelwood)

홈스테이 캐나다, Abbotsford

I own a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. I am a female in my 50's and I work full-time. This is my first time being involved in a homestay. I feel I have space to offer a place for somebody to come and live. I have furnished the second bedroom and you will have use of your own bathroom down the hall. Shared kitchen and shared In-suite laundry. Internet/wi-fi included. All utilities included. Walking distance to bus stops, Public Library, restaurants, malls and grocery stores. Must be very clean, quiet, and respectful.
Available September 1st. A rental Agreement will need to be signed.
Parking: Free Street parking or secure parking for a car is available for an extra $25/month
Strata rules must be followed.
No smoking
No drugs
No pets
No overnight guests
No parties
Furnished Bedroom includes:
Twin bed with 3 drawers (new mattress and mattress cover)
Closet with shelves
TV with Roku Streaming (no “cable”) (I can share my Netflix and Apple TV/Music)

호스트: Marian
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  • 호스트 비흡연
  • This host welcomes the following guests:
    • ESL/foreign exchange students
    • college or university students
    • adults (mid-twenties and older)
    • couples
    • families with children
    • new immigrants
    • business travellers
서비스 및 편의시설
  • 식사 포함여부: 식사 불포함
  • 무선 광역 인터넷 (Wi-Fi)
  • 흡연 불가
  • Self service laundry included in fee (use of machine and detergent)
입주 정보
  • 1 침실, 1명 체류 가능
  • 3달 최소 체류기간
  • 12달 최대 체류기간
  • 이주를 원할 시 1달 사전 안내 요망

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룸 No1: 아파트

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    • 개인욕실 (침실 밖에 위치)
  • 가구

    • 냉장고
    • 전신거울
    • 침실 잠금장치
    • 책상 및 의자
    • 옷장
    • 텔레비젼
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